What UK business and government need to do together

So what do we at e-skills think the UK now needs? Our Manifesto http://www.e-skills.com/About-us/2684. challenges the next government, of whatever party, to:

➢ reform education: radically improve the IT-related curriculum for 14-19 year olds so that it is exciting and interesting to young people, and is relevant for all future leaders and managers, and actively encourages the next generation to pursue IT as a career choice;

➢ revitalise the teaching of IT: transform the teaching of IT at all levels with a strategy that provides teachers and students with access to industry expertise; encourages more technology professionals and business leaders into teaching; ensures there is mandatory professional development in the latest IT subject matter for all specialist IT teachers; and creates virtual classrooms where students can study new GCSEs and A-levels with the country’s most inspiring IT teachers and industry experts;

➢ promote innovation in Higher Education: provide incentives to universities to integrate technology modules into degrees of all disciplines;

➢ update STEM policy: ensure that Technology is explicitly covered in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) policy;

➢ co-fund investment in higher level technology skills as a priority, through the new National Skills Academy for IT;

➢ enable more flexible Apprenticeship schemes: support greater flexibility in Apprenticeships for technology sector jobs;

➢ encourage technology degree uptake: subsidise tuition fees for students on sector-approved technology and technology/business degree courses;

➢ support career changers: make it easier for people to transition from other jobs into IT professional careers by including relevant training within a co-funded investment package;

➢ prioritise IT user skills development: support IT user skills development amongst priority groups including older workers, lower-skilled individuals, and teachers in subjects other than IT.

E-skills is not saying the government must deliver this, but that this is a manifesto for what business and government must work together to achieve.

The CC4G (computer clubs for young people) and the new IT and business degrees show that this collaborative model can work.

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