SITA/Airline Business IT Summit – Opening Keynote June 2011

I blogged about the SITA/Airline Business IT Summit earlier on 25 June.

You can now see a video of the introduction which talks about the ways that IT is transforming the Air Transport Industry again.

I suggested at the start of the Summit that IT is now central not only to all the back-of-house processes that make airlines and airports function but also – with the Internet and Social Networking – has become the key differentiator front-of-house too, in terms of customer interactions.

Airlines and airports now have customers who expect ease-of-use and connectivity everywhere.

Four ‘Big C’ Megatrends will change the technology and the airline business:

* Convergence

* Communications

* Connectivity

* Cloud

I suggest that the winners will be those companies that use technology to anticipate and solve customer problems.  Speed and agility in adopting new technologies will be critical success factors for the future – and deciding when to adopt new technology will be a key skill for CEOs and CIOs alike.

The Next Digital Decade will Revolutionise the Air Transport Industry

Here is the first part of my address to the SITA/Airline Business IT Summit in June this year:

In it I set out how IT has revolutionised the travel industry over the past decade, and illustrate this with some examples of how we have used it in British Airways with over the last decade with initiatives like calendar-selling, Manage my Booking, online check-in and dynamic packaging (integrating hotel and car hire etc with your flight booking).

Next , I look at how we are using social networking, YouTube and Twitter and how customers now expect to be connected everywhere  and anytime.

I then set out what I see as the likely trends in air transport in the next decade – which can be best described as a return to growth in a world that is very aware of green issues and the need to manage emissions.

This sets up discussion of the “4 Big Cs” – the key IT changes in coming decade –  in the second part of my address, which I’ve already blogged about here.

The 4 Big Cs that will revolutionise IT in the 2010s

I promised in my previous post  that I would blog about the 4 Big Cs that I believe will revolutionise the IT world in the next decade, and – given our  dependence on IT in the Global Economy and in Society as a whole – they will totally change the way we live and work.

They are:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Consumerisation
  • Consolidation
  • Convergence

I spoke about these Big Cs at the SITA/Airline Business IT Summit this June, so – rather than write about them here – I am posting the video of my talk on YouTube.

(By the way, my references to “Pierre-Henri and Tony” are to Pierre-Henri Gourgeon and to Tony Tyler, the CEOs of Air France/KLM and of Cathay Pacific, who gave the Key Note addresses to the Summit.)

Have a look at it and let me know what you think – are these the “Big Cs” in your sector too?

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