Altruism, Humanity and the Digital Age

Just been listening to the marvellous Peter Gabriel being interviewed at WOMAD which he founded of course.

He was talking about the dilemma of performers on the Internet and YouTube who get many downloads for free and the Alternative of subscription for a much smaller number of paying fans. How do you make a living?

It was also now challenging running a recording studio like Realworld records in the digital age.

He said he was an optimist and that the new waves of technology first de-humanised and then hopefully super -humanised society.

A great point for all of us given our almost unlimited access to free music literature, art and so on. How much do we care about the producers of the art and indeed the values of the companies that we all use online today?

Made me think not just about music but also about eCommerce more generally.

I do hope the great Mr Gabriel turns out to be right and the digital age spreads humanity in the best altruistic sense. Up to us all really…..

About paulcoby
I am CIO at the John Lewis Partnership in the UK. I was Chair of SITA - the airline solutions company owned by the Air Transport Community - for 11 years. I am also on the Boards of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank and Pets at Home. Previously I was Head of BA Services and for 10 years CIO at British Airways. I am interested in Roman and Military History. The views expressed are entirely my own not my employers.

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